The research in the Cognition and Plasticity laboratory focuses on (the neural basis of) core cognitive functions, such as attention, the plasticity of these functions, and their action-oriented nature. What are the mechanisms that allow us to select, suppress, and become aware of information in the environment? How does prior experience or mental training as cultivated by meditation influence these mechanisms that adaptively control information processing, our awareness and interactions with the world around us? Our methodological repertoire includes EEG, fMRI, tDCS and behavioral testing.
The lab is located at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


Dec 2020: Heleen Slagter receives ERC consolidator grant
(2 million euros)
March 2018: Heleen Slagter receives ABC project grant, together with Damiaan Denys, Erik Rietveld and Julian Kieverstein, to study self confidence and predictive processing in OCD.
Feb 2018: Heleen Slagter & Carien Lansink receive interdisciplinary UvA grant to study the effects of memory on perception.
June 2017: Lynn Sorensen will join the lab on an NWO research talent grant, in a collaboration with Steven Scholte to implement attention in deep neural nets.

Cognition and Plasticity Laboratory, Dept of Applied and Experimental Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam